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WinQuest is a Windows 3.1 port of the popular 5-letter word guessing game. It includes color graphics, digital sound, and a score tracker! Color-blind mode included as well. Keyboard can be changed between Alphabetical, QWERTY, and Dvorak modes. Compatible with on-screen keyboard clickers.

All DLLs and support files required to run the application are included in the archive. Tested on a freshly-installed copy of Windows 3.11.

Requires a 386 PC or better with at least 4MB of RAM. Sound card recommended.

And of course the Ko-fi link for the author is https://ko-fi.com/luigithirty

Version 1.01: Fixed bug with tallying losses for New Games.

Version 1.02: Fixed keyboard layouts, excised evil trademark.

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WinQuest v1.02 1.8 MB

Install instructions

To install, just extract to a folder and run WINQUEST.EXE. OLE2, VBX controls, and Access 2.0 DLLs are included and will function from the game directory.

If you are having problems running the game in Windows 95, delete VBDB300.DLL from the game folder and make sure that CORPUS.MDB is not read-only.

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Hi LuigiThirty, great to know new Windows 3.1 games are being made still! Please join us on Libera Chat, ##win31


Really cool! Small bug, here on the 3rd line it gives me the last E in yellow even though there is no 2nd E in the word. The "popular version" would put it in black/red

Works fine on WinXP SP3!